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One Cup Of Coffee....

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As I wrapped up my time in Papua New Guinea, one overwhelming thing stood out to me. It wasn't the incredible beauty of this country, it wasn’t the kindness of literally everyone I met there, it wasn’t even the incredible coffee. What it was in the end was how buying coffee this way could potentially have such an impact on the lives of the people in this village. I mentioned before that coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet. If that’s true, imagine for a second if all coffee was bought this way? Imagine for a second what that could do. If all coffee was bought not just with the end consumer in mind, but with the famer that grew it. His family, his employees, his village. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, or even for other companies. What I can tell you is that from now on this is how True Coffee Roasters will be buying coffee. What that means is that when you buy a cup of coffee from us, you’re doing more than just paying our barista’s salary, more than mine even. What you’re doing is helping to ensure that, that farmer can stay on his land. That his family has access to medical care. That his village has a school. If enough of us do this for long enough we can make real change. One cup of coffee at a time. Cheers.

Pleased To Meet You

Finally arriving at what we truly came to see I immediately came to conclude that there's great coffee being grown in PNG. Due to their location, high elevation and ideal climate for growing coffee there's enormous potential for the quality to improve over what's already being done. And what’s already being done is amazing. Staying [...]

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What Are Beef Crackers And Where Can I Find Them?

When we finally headed out of the city into the country I was immediately struck by several things. First off: beef crackers. Look them up, they’re a thing. The next and far more striking was how such a beautiful nation filled with such wonderful people could suffer under such crushing poverty. It was literally everywhere [...]

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We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!

I'd never been to Papua New Guinea before. I'd never even been anywhere close. The best way I can describe it as somewhere between surreal and amazing. If I had to pick out just one thing from the trip to describe, I'd be hard pressed. One of the first thing's we had to deal with [...]

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There and Back Again

Even though my trip to Papua New Guinea didn’t happen till July, in truth it began in January. That was when I got a call from Jacob and Ben, the owners of the coffee importer Crop to Cup, asking to meet with me. Crop to Cup is a company based in Brooklyn, but works all [...]

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Christmas is Over so the Blog is Back!

We took a little time off the past few months because of Christmas and all. Now that, that's done I think it's safe to get back into it. This month we'd like talk about our newest Columbian coffee. Columbia gets a bad rap sometimes, I mean have you seen the Netflix series Narcos? That aside [...]

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Friday Coffee Fry?

When it comes to food we all have the ability to be resourceful and creative. In fact some of the most dire straits have lead to staples of our every day menu. Eggs are too expensive at the St. Louis World's Fair? Just grab some of that ketchup stuff and use it instead. Ran out [...]

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Winnie the Pooh's Coffee of Choice

I don't know if Winnie the Pooh was a coffee drinker. I can't recall a single instance ever seeing him drinking coffee. Truth be told he kind of seems like more of a tea man...er tea bear. For arguments sake though let's say he was the sort of bear who enjoyed a good cup of [...]

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Getting to know FTO Nicaragua Segovia

Writing a coffee blog is a bit like playing ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’ You never know where we’re on this epic journey we’re going to take your palate next. This month for example, we’re headed to the heart of Central America, Nicaragua.FTO Nicaragua Segovia: The scented aromas you will find are hints [...]

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Sulawesi PT Torarco Tana Toraja-AA

For this blog we thought we’d talk about Sulawesi PT Torarco Tana Toraja-AA. It’s just fun to say this one.This is a fully washed and dried coffee from the region of Pago Pago. To save you the trip to Google, Pago Pago is the capital (sort of) of American Samoa. To save you the follow [...]

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