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coffee market

We've been watching the coffee market closely. These are a couple of interesting articles.http://futuresource.quote.com/quotes/djstory.action?symbol=KC&id=DJC00hqY10615http://futuresource.quote.com/quotes/djstory.action?symbol=KC&id=DJC00lWY10513

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sample roaster in high gear

Roaster Scott has been hard at work with sample roasting - Lintong TP vs Sumatra DP, loads from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and a lone Honduras. He may be a little wired after cupping all of them...

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Costa Rica

The last of the Costa Rica has been roasted. It will be gone for awhile, but stay tuned for something new to keep you going until next year's crop comes in...

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Your first blog post!

Welcome to your blog! A blog is a great place to share details on your products, business and whatever else you think your shoppers might like to hear from you. You can include photos in your blog posts and even videos. For ideas and inspiration on how to structure your blog, take a look [...]

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