Why True?  The name doesn’t mean we think other coffees are false, just that we want to be true to the hard work and skill of everyone involved in bringing coffee from “seed to cup”.  This means carefully selecting coffees that the farmers, exporters, importers and our roasters find exceptional.  Our job is to faithfully bring out the best in each coffee we offer – true to the bean.


In our Fitchburg, Wis., roastery, you’ll find coffees from the world’s finest coffee-producing regions roasted in small batches daily in our 12-kilogram Probat roaster.  Working in small batches with a cast iron drum allows for more control throughout the roasting process, creating consistent coffees and bringing out the exquisite flavors of each bean.   Master Roaster Scott Pederson practices his craft of artisan roasting, carefully monitoring the progress of each batch, no automation here.  Available coffees will vary depending on the season, but we have 15 or so varieties in-house on any given day.


In addition to the roastery, our cafe in Fitchburg features our coffees as well as a full espresso bar, teas and a variety of breakfast and lunch items.  You’ll also find whole bean or ground coffees available in reusable coffee cans or one-pound bags.  Each time the recycled tin can is returned for a refill at our cafés, guests receive a 20% discount on their bean purchase.