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  • Roaster Scott introducing himself to the board members of the AAK Coop.  AAK stands for Apo, Angra & Kange which stands for 'brother' in local dialects.
  • A few even dressed up in traditional costume for the occasion(it should be noted that people don't typically dress like this).
  • Producing members from one of the clusters of the AAK Coop.
  • A picture of the board of AAK in front of their bee hives.  Located in Goroka, Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Producing members from one of the clusters of the AAK Coop.
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16.64 Ounces

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Flavors of milk chocolate, black walnut, earth and cherry with a creamy body. Balanced with a long finish.

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  1. Delicious, but not as Beautiful as Some

    Posted by on Nov 20th 2017

    I used to get what is now True Coffee at the founder's former place of business. Back then it wasn't even True Coffee. I was SO GLAD to find out where this perfectly roasted, exquisitely-beaned coffee had gone to.
    My mother bought me a pound of True Coffee a few months ago and I devoured it. Like all truly great coffee, it did not give me the jitters, nor did I have to drink pots of it to satisfy my coffee urge. One or two cups was more than enough.
    I ordered the Papua New Guinea because I liked the idea of giving back to the co-op, and because I like Papua New Guinea. My parents owned a coffee shop for some years, which my sisters and myself all worked at quite happily until they sold it, and we used this roaster's beans, and I got to know them quite well. Papua New Guinea has always been one of my favorites.
    The Papua New Guinea did all the things the other beans did, but I noticed some differences that I found rather unappealing.
    First, the beans were REALLY dry. I know dry beans are in vogue for some right now, but for me they just scream "old coffee." I prefer oily beans. Perhaps I'm outdated. But the True Coffee my mother got me had very oily beans and I found that coffee to be superior.
    Second: the smell just wasn't as robust as that of my first bag. I can't help but attribute this to the dry beans.
    Third: the taste wasn't as bold. Again, I figure that the dry beans were to blame. I've never had that problem with Papua New Guinea before.
    So basically, it was good, but I probably would order a different kind next time.

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