Winnie the Pooh's Coffee of Choice

    I don't know if Winnie the Pooh was a coffee drinker. I can't recall a single instance ever seeing him drinking coffee. Truth be told he kind of seems like more of a tea tea bear. For arguments sake though let's say he was the sort of bear who enjoyed a good cup of joe in the morning. If he was, this would be the coffee for him. This Costa Rican coffee is a red honey process which means the coffee is soaked and dried in honey. The flavors you will find with this coffee are of course honey with a perfect creamy blend of toffee, Carmel, lemon, and a lively acidity for the finish. The altitude that this coffee is grown at is 1450 meters above sea level, from a micro mill farm from Las Lajas, Finca Sabanilla. We love coffees from Costa Rica for their honey process because it brings out the flavors and makes them obvious to look for with acidity that is not too over barring for the pallet. Swing by the café and grab a tin today!