Natural Papua New Guinea Jiwaka Arufa

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    Papua New Guinea isn’t known for naturally processed coffee… most of what’s exported currently is fully washed.  In this case the exporter, Monpi, worked with a local wet mill by the name of Kindeng Wet Mill to sort and separate exemplary cherry prior to depulping to separate out cherry to be dried as a full natural, a process that takes a full month in Jiwaka’s cool highlands.  Once the coffee was dried to ~10.5-11% moisture it was transported to the Kagamuga dry mill for hulling and then in Goroka milled for export.

    Monpi maintains a unit to support smallholders directly through training and community support.  The team oversees training on agricultural practices, gender equality, youth inclusion, climate change mitigation and environmental preservation.

    Tasting notes:  Green Apple, Mango, Banana, Pineapple and Cocoa