Who We Are

We believe exceptional businesses are created by those who have found something they love and feel compelled to share that with the world.  Our founders' excitement for great coffees grew from years of industry experience as well as an appreciation for the journey of each bean from farm to cup.  This led us to our guiding principle of staying 'true to the bean'.

Ethical practices at every step from the farmer’s field to our roaster make for a better cup.  Paying growers a fair price for their crop is crucial to the sustainability of specialty coffee. Our master roaster Scott Pederson visits the communities where the wonderful heirloom Arabica coffees that we roast are grown.

Staying true to the bean also means roasting in small batches to bring out the best expression, the “true” essence, of each coffee. We treat our staff with the same dignity and respect that we have for our producers, and we recognize the privilege of being part of a larger community wherever we are and do our best to support it. 

Join us to share the fresh, micro-roasted coffees that we love and experience the world's great coffees at their best - when they're true to the bean.