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Anaerobic Natural Honduras Marcala

Anaerobic Natural Honduras Marcala

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This coffee comes from 65 smallholder producers around the San Vicente group in the Southern part of Honduras bordering El Salvador.  Proyecto Cabanas was started in 2012 by a few farmers banding together in response to the rust outbreak in the region(Central America was heavily affected by this).  Over 10 years the group has grown to include 65 producers and the project is producing a large variety of processing styles.  The lot that we brought in is an Anaerobically produced Natural coffee.  Once the cherries were picked and consolidated they were put into large plastic barrels that were sealed and impervious to oxygen to rest and ferment anaerobically for 3 days.  After this they cherries are put on raised beds to dry for another 3 weeks.  The coffee is rotated every half hour during the day and sorted by hand to remove visible defects.  This lot is from a single days’ worth of processing.

 Flavor notes:  Mango, Strawberry, Cherry, Herbaceous with Creamy Body

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