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Brazil- Jose Peixoto

Brazil- Jose Peixoto

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This natural process Yellow Catucai was grown by Jose Peixoto in Campo das Vertente, Mines Gerais, Brazil at 1140 meters. Tasting notes:  Almond butter, Apple Crisp & Milk Chocolate.

José Tiago Peixoto was 67 years old when he passed away in 2022, and we have a note from one of his brothers and a niece:

For the family, José Peixoto was an honest, hardworking and respectful man.  

He was the oldest of the five brothers and was considered by his brothers as a leader in the purchase of the land. When the acquisition was made, his role was directly related to the purchase of the first seedlings that were planted, which were of the mundo novo variety.  

José Peixoto had a passion for coffee and was always very willing in his work and to practice sustainability. He loved to preserve nature and to take great care of each coffee plant. He initially had 4 hectares of production and, when he saw the results of his work, he planted 3 more hectares with plots of the varieties: Catuaí 99, and Yellow Catucai . In all, 7 hectares of coffee were planted with his hard work and dedication.  

José Peixoto had a passion for the Yellow Catucaí variety, which is why he focused his production on this variety. For him, the yellow beans were like shiny gold during the harvest. He followed every detail of the bean process, especially during the natural drying on the terrace.  

All the production of coffee of José Peixoto, was left to the other brothers, which has given continuity to his work, which will be remembered the future generations of the Peixoto Family. 

The production of the crop 2021/2022 was of 23.7 bags. 


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