Christmas is Over so the Blog is Back!

We took a little time off the past few months because of Christmas and all. Now that, that's done I think it's safe to get back into it. This month we'd like talk about our newest Columbian coffee. Columbia gets a bad rap sometimes, I mean have you seen the Netflix series Narcos? That aside they do make a stellar cup of coffee. This Colombian coffee is fully washed and is found in the region of Cauca. This coffee is grown at a altitude of 1400-1900 meters, from a variety of farmers from Caturra and Castillo. The flavors and notes of fruit we have found in this coffee are sweet, mango, candied pineapple with a lemony citrus finish. If you enjoy coffees that are easy to drink that are well bodied but have very little acidity, held together with juicy fruit flavors. This is definitely the coffee you are looking for. Swing by the café or order it online, either way it's an amazing cup of coffee.

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