The Importance of the Grinder Burrs

    Have you ever made such a good cup of coffee that you scrambled to record exactly what you did, so you could replicate it later? Coffee is to be enjoyed, of course, but it’s also something to chase after, in an ongoing hunt for aromas and flavors you’ve found before… when the wind was blowing just right, and the coffee gods were smiling.So, let’s pause and sing the praises of good sharp grinder burrs, shall we? If there existed a mountain with a resident coffee guru at the top, ready to answer the great mysteries of coffee, I see this wise person repeating one phrase: “Get the best grinder you can afford and get off my mountain.” I recently brought a new espresso grinder to a coffee house and was lucky enough to be around while they learned to use it. Even knowing it would make a better espresso, I was still swept off my feet by how lovely the espresso was! The mouth feel was silky, and the shot was like an everlasting gobstopper of flavors, just daring me to pin them down as they merged into something new.Bottom line: If you haven’t made the leap to a good home burr grinder, maybe today is the day!by Steve Yeazel