Our Top 4 Unorthodox Coffee-Making Hacks

    Let’s be honest, those of us who are continually amazed by the beautiful variety of aromas and flavors in coffee can be a little preachy about what to drink and how to drink it. And while it’s true that a small change in grind size, water temperature, dwell time, brew ratio, etc., can make a coffee sing for all to hear, it can also be fun to just muck about and see what happens. A big cauldron of water and coarse coffee over a campfire. Boil it up, let it cool down and wait for the grounds to settle, then ladle out the coffee! Throw some egg whites in to help the grounds coagulate a bit.
    • Use very finely-ground coffee in an ibrik (usually a copper pot with a long handle).  Throw in a bit of sugar and some cardamom. Experiment with how many times you take the pot on and off the boil.
    • Any kind of cold brew! Play with all the usual stuff like grind size and water-to-coffee ratio, but see what happens when you just remove the coffee, as opposed to squeezing it well first.
    • If you travel and want to hedge your bets, just take the AeroPress for a lovely cup!
    by Steve Yeazel