Getting to know your Coffee: Naturally Processed Rwanda, Bukure Farm

Say hello to our newest addition to the featured coffee family, the ever so delightful Naturally Processed Rwanda from the Bukure Farm. No matter what way we have tried brewing it, it holds true in each cup, leaving us more satisfied than the last. The integrity it has going from method to method is impressive, as it never lets up on the notes and proves it can keep them all in line. Everything is perfectly balanced here, which is something I personally love in a complex coffee such as this one.

This lightly roasted gem begins it’s journey with a blast of silky smooth blackberry wine, a note that lends itself as the body to this cup, and stays with it throughout the experience. In the background, there is a faint vanilla acting as a baseline, guiding the subtle sweetness to match the mellow acidity from the blackberry wine note. This is all met with an occasional visit from banana-like notes, gently assisting the cup with a creamy texture. The final sip is wrapped up with a nice dark chocolate for the finishing touch. The aftertaste leaves you with that nice blackberry lingering on, making you want to take just one more sip. And another. And another. And anoth… well, until you have run out, and then you may just have to brew it again.

So please, geek out with us and let the coffee speak for itself. Pick up a bag of our fresh Naturally Processed Rwanda, as this is one that any coffee lover cannot miss!

Tasting Notes:

Blackberry wine, Banana, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate

Brightness: 4

Roast: 3

Complexity: 4


Region: Northern Province, Gicumbi District

Producer Organization: Nova Coffee

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Processing Method: Natural

Evelvation: 5900 - 6200 Feet

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