Getting to know your Kenya

    Getting to know your Coffee: Kenya Nyeri Kamoini AB

    Of our current featured coffee lineup, this one is singing loud and clear for all to hear! Sitting at a nice light profile, our current Kenyan shows it’s complexity with no wasted time. Right off the get go, you are met with a fine introduction of grapefruit, giving it a sweet/zippy acidity met with a subtle blueberry to give it a juicy backbone. With an interesting twist, we are met with a note of melon sitting on the lighter side in balance with a delicious body of caramel and dark chocolate.

    To say the least, we were satisfied on all levels by this selection, and couldn’t stop talking about it at the cupping table. The first time we tried it in a french press, everyone working that day came bursting through the door of the roastery, vowing their love to this tantalizing coffee. We needed a word to describe how all these notes were able to float free-form through the cup in perfect harmony, never getting in the way of one another. This lead us to the realization of what we were drinking... a symphony of notes! So many desirable notes in one cup could only be described as such. For me, our Kenya Nyeri is a coffee that reminds me of why I love getting up and doing what we do everyday. It’s for the coffee that grabs your attention, sits you down, and makes you enjoy life for a few sips. Join us in falling in love with coffee again, and get our current Kenya while we still have it!

    Bonus Notes from Scott’s Desk:

    Kenya Nyeri Kamoini AB

    Notes on this coffee: Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kamoini AB is sourced from family owned farms located on the southeastern slopes of the Aberdares mountain ranges in Nyeri County, Kenya. The Kamoini Factory was founded in 1987. Farmers deliver their harvested cherry to be processed at the Kamoini Factory (wet mill), which is managed by the Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society. Cooperative members generally cultivate around 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots intercropped with Bananas, Grevillea, and Macadamia trees.

    Tasting notes:

    Grapefruit, blueberry, melon, caramel

    Brightness: 3.5

    Roast: 2.5

    Complexity 3.5