How to Brew: Cold Brew! (Cold Brew 101)

How to Brew: Cold Brew! (Cold Brew 101)

Coffee/Water Simplified Equation:

Not really an equation, rather some simple math to get you where you need to go! A reminder that you will need a scale that has a grams settings for certain.

-Take the 1:1 Coffee to Water rule (1gram coffee to 1milliliter water), and apply the brewing recipe ratio to it.

-So if you have a 1:5 brewing ratio, and had 340g of Coffee, you would need 1700ml of Water (340 x 5 = 1700). Do it this way if you already know your brewing vessel's volume capacity.

-If you don't know the vessel's volume capacity, put it on a scale and tare it. Then add water until it is close to full to find a unit to go by.

-If you have a vessel that has the ability to hold 2500ml of Water, and the brew ratio is still 1:5, then you would need 500g of Coffee (2500 / 5 = 500).

-This can be applied in every which way of brewing with coffee, so have fun for now and we will visit this again in further detail later!

Notes from the video:

Ratio: 1:5 (1gram of coffee to 5 grams of water) Coffee Amount: 340grams (or 12oz, or 0.75lbs) Water Amount: 1700grams (roughly a half gallon of water, or 60oz) Bonus Water Note: A half gallon is actually 1893grams of water (or milliliters, you get the idea by now).

Total Time: 14 Hours

Coffee Used: Iced Latin Blend by True Coffee Roasters Brewing Equipment: 64oz capacity Toddy Cold Brew bucket.

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