Journey with Jackson to Costa Rica: A New Bean

    Costa Rica #1- Las Lajas

    Last month I had the good fortune to be sent on a trip to visit some of our area partner farms in Costa Rica. I went with a group of Roasters from all over the country along with some of our importers. Our first stop on the trip we visited Las Lajas micromil and coffee farm. Owned by the Chacon Solano family in the Central Valley. They have 2,500 acres of coffee and have been growing/producing coffee for 150 years. They produce pulp natural and fully washed coffees. Such as red honey, yellow honey, black honey, perla negra and Alma negra coffees all sun dried on African style beds. A method that I love and respect is they also have organic composts that are produced on site for a process free of chemicals and agro toxins. Even though this was our first stop, this was my top favorite coffees that were produced in Costa Rica. True has also purchased coffees from this farm in the past and will also continue to have more available in the near future.