Sulawesi PT Torarco Tana Toraja-AA

For this blog we thought we’d talk about Sulawesi PT Torarco Tana Toraja-AA. It’s just fun to say this one.

This is a fully washed and dried coffee from the region of Pago Pago. To save you the trip to Google, Pago Pago is the capital (sort of) of American Samoa. To save you the follow up visit, American Samoa is an unincorporated protectorate of the United States. The chief exports there are tuna and amazing coffee like Sulawesi PT Torarco Tana Toraja-AA. The AA symbolizes that the beans are larger than normal and the correlation of the grade of flavor of the coffee. That being said the way we describe this coffee is its beautifully layered with nice sweetness, gentle fruit, cashew and a long finish as well. This coffee is found at an altitude of 1400-1600 meters above sea level, which makes the varietals on this coffee a Typica Derivatives. We don't have specific farmers who produce this specialty coffee but various small-holders who do a great job at processing and producing wonderful coffees.

We’re excited to share this coffee with all of you.

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