We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!

I'd never been to Papua New Guinea before. I'd never even been anywhere close. The best way I can describe it as somewhere between surreal and amazing. If I had to pick out just one thing from the trip to describe, I'd be hard pressed. One of the first thing's we had to deal with upon arriving in country, was not being able to leave it. Papua New Guinea's Parliament was holding a vote of no confidence on it's Prime Minister. As a means of showing solidarity the nation's pilots elected to go on strike. After several hours in the capital city airport we managed to get on one of the last flights out, and off to Goroka, the capital of the eastern highlands province where our farmers awaited. The next day Jacob read in the paper that the pilot's strike might go on indefinitely. Not sure where to go we turned to our guide John Edwards (not either one of the horrible ones, or the Green Lantern)who advised us to solider on. We'd be able to find some way to get out eventually. So we decided to stick to the plan and head out to the farm. Before that could happen, there was a city to explore.

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