We're Still Here!

    We are still here! Waiting… roasting… brewing…

    Hello to all of our True family and friends out there! We have been busy moving things around, making plans, and roasting for the past month, but now that we have caught our breath and are ready to fill your minds with the wonderful world of coffee! We will be keeping you up to date on what is happening in our coffee world, where Roastmaster Scott is exploring next, and how to up your coffee game at home.

    For this come-back post, we waltzed into Scott’s office, coffee cups in hand, seeking out a calming message on change, where we sit in the industry now, and what he has his sights set on in the times to come.

    “Change is good, it is the only way to move forward and grow. When we set out to do this, we wanted to find a way to remain sustainable within the industry by welcoming new knowledge, methods, and staying on our toes when the terrain would shift. Resisting the changes of time could leave us stagnate, and that wouldn’t be as fulfilling as seeing how high we can climb. In regards to us and the industry, we are much larger than when we started, and I like where we landed. The work we have been doing up until now has been fantastic, and I think we are on course for a bright future!”